Tours at Youghal Clock Gate Tower



So how does a visit to Youghal Clock Gate Tower actually work?

So you might have heard that the Clock Tower in Youghal is open again, right? But wondering is it really worth taking the time to visit?? Well in 2017 thousands of very satisfied visitors seemed to think so! Just check us out on trip advisor to see what they are saying!

Ok, now without giving it all away...a visit to Youghal Clock Gate Tower is by means of a guided tour. Give yourself an hour for the visit in total, but the tour usually takes about 50 really won't see the time flying! (pardon the pun!) There are 4 floors to visit, and each of the floors is set in a different era....each has it's own story but of course all are connected through time. This tour is different to others though you will have been on, we guarantee it! Don't expect a whole load of graphic panels in small print to read! Instead, the sounds and smells of the era will paint the picture! We think we are really clever too in how we use technology - ipads and screens but only to bring this moving story to life!
Floor 4 has proven to be a real highlight for visitors in 2017...Youghal native, John McGrath tells his story on screen. It's amazing to watch the reactions of visitors as they try to hide the wiping away of a tear from their eye as John recalls his life in the Tower. John's story is captured in a really evocative video lasting just over 5 minutes.

Then for the icing on the cake - access to the rooftop! Wow - we introduced this element to the tour mid season in 2017 and the reaction has been amazing! Only 7 people at a time, and it's a tight squeeze, but really well worth the view on a fine day!
Our Easter Time-table for Tours is as follows: Thursday March 29th 2018 to Monday April 2nd 2018 Friday April 5th2018 to Sunday April 7th 2018 Tours commence every hour on the hour from 11.00am to last tour at 4.00pm Tours may be booked online or at Youghal Tourist Office. Call:024-20769. E:

Hope to see you soon! Staff at Youghal Clock Gate Tower!