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We are delighted to present details of our recently launched Youghal "Tours for Schools" 2018.

Youghal, Co. Cork is a medieval town, rich in history and spanning the centuries. It is the perfect destination for your school's tour. Our school package incorporates a guided tour of Youghal Clock Gate Tower and St. Mary's Collegiate Church, in the heart of historic Youghal. (Both properties in the ownership of Cork County Council). As well as the tour experience, each child will take home a beautifully illustrated activity book on both venues (see covers on this email).
We have developed activities to suit children from 2nd – 6th classes in both locations with a specially tailored tour to reinforce skills and concepts from the history curriculum. In our venues the children themselves will work as historians, collecting and recording evidence while engaging in stories of the lives of people in the past! Each of the visits takes approximately 1 hour, and both locations are easily accessible from the town centre with coach parking available. Take one or other of our tours or better still take both! See prices below.

Youghal Clock Gate Tower:
Youghal Clock Gate Tower which reopened to the public as a visitor attraction in 2017 has many stories to tell. The building, built as a gaol in 1777, but was in fact, one of the original gateways into the medieval town, is the most iconic landmark in the centre of Youghal.
We are delighted to have developed an interactive tour of Youghal Clock Gate Tower for students that draws on the history curriculum to ensure participation and engagement with the art of storytelling. Our trained tour guides will take the children through 700 years of history, over four floors. They will hear stories of rebels, merchants, pirates, and gaolers! The tour is very age appropriate and incorporates important periods of history covered in the curriculum. It also incorporates the exploration of continuity and change over time in housing, energy and power. The plight of prisoners in the gaol during the 19th century makes for vivid stories, as does the look at the prison system in Ireland at this time. The tour takes approximately 50 minutes, and a colourful activity booklet is given to each student on completion of the tour. The booklet may be used in your school as a follow-up lesson to the visit.

St. Mary's Collegiate Church, Youghal
St. Mary's Collegiate Church offers children the opportunity to appreciate one of the oldest living Churches in Ireland while also learning about Sir Walter Raleigh, the famous explorer who was once the Mayor of Youghal. A fun activity booklet is awarded to each child once the tour is completed and it is from here that the real fun begins! Using the treasure hunt within the booklet, the children are encouraged to explore our Medieval Church for themselves, unearthing the tombs, skull stones, and skeletons that lurk in every corner. In the Church grounds they can race to the top of the Town Walls and walk in the footsteps of the Norman Archers that guarded the town! Students can follow the map and look out for the bats in the bell tower and the oldest gravestone in the graveyard. If the weather suits, bring a packed lunch and take time out dining in our wonderful Medieval College Gardens located next to St. Mary's. The guided tour takes approximately 25 minutes; the treasure hunt can be completed in 20 minutes.

Tour: Youghal Clock Tower.
Duration: 50 minutes.
Inclusions: Interactive guided tour. Activity booklet for each child. Max 20 children per tour
Cost: €6.50 per child. Teachers go free.
Coach Parking: Yes.

Tour: St. Mary’s Collegiate Church.
Duration: 45 minutes (25 minutes guided tour, 20 minutes treasure hunt).
Inclusions: Guided tour. Treasure hunt. Activity booklet for each child. Max 30 children per tour.
Cost: €5.50 per child. Teachers go free.
Coach Parking: Yes.

Combined Tours
Youghal Clock Gate Tower + St. Mary’s Collegiate Church
Duration: Allow 2 hours
Inclusions: As in tours above.
Cost: €10.00 per child. Teachers go free.
Coach Parking: Yes.



For further information and booking details contact Teresa at:
E: T: 024-20769
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